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Spring Hill Farm will reserve the right to retain any kid born for our herd. We reserve the right not to do business with anyone for any reason. We cannot guarantee the show career, milk production, or mature height of any animal it is up to genetics and DNA as with any living thing. We do stand by our bloodlines, quality and standards . We will not sell our goats to anyone buying for meat. Our herd is our family and thy are all cared for and loved individually

As a farm owner, I spend most of my day with my herd petting and loving them, feeding them, grooming them. They are very lovable and social animals. At the time of birth i hold and spend a lot of quality time with my babies. This makes them more cuddley and personal and they still get the bond needed from their mom. 
Please read thoroughly and know by entering into a sale you agree to the following:
                       Deposits are non-refundable
 Any goat that is listed as available will be sold to the first person who puts a deposit of half of purchase this secures the kid, there is a paypal button on kiddies for sale page for convienience. Price for does from $350- $1200 depending on bloodline, our wethers are $180.00. There are exceptions for purchasing more than one kid . The kids are kept with mom until they are weaned and go home approx. 8 to10 weeks. If  by chance the kid is not picked up (unless  prior arrangement has been made) by the date given we will wait 7 days and the kid will go to the next buyer in line. Balance is due the time of pick up in the form of cash, Paypal or check.  We Are NOW looking into shipping from TF Green Airport.. Our herd was tested for CAE and Jonnies and all tests negative!! Check out our for sale page for kids that are available and  breeding schedule to choose a breeding you may be interested in, All Does will have an Ultrasound for proof of pregnancy.

Spring Hill Farm will send you home with a management packet. We disire that all of our kids go to a place where their new owner has ample knowledge and means to provide proper care, thus leading to healthy happy and beneficial life for both the goat and it's new family.  We are members of AGS and ADGA and NDGA you may register with any of these organizations, however we register with ADGA. We sell both registered and un-registered goats. The only difference is they cannot be shown without papers. We at Sping Hill Farm knows Not everyone wants to show goats, but we offer this choice for the hobby farmer. We believe that families would benefit from QUALITY milk without the show ring in mind.

We provide the first booster CD/T injection. The follow up booster CD/T (needs to be given in 3 to 4 weeks) and Rabies is your responsibility. If you do not have a vet we can recommend one for you. The goats will be disbudded, tattooed, or microchiped their first week. Our bucklings if not sold as a buck we wether them at 9 weeks of age and this is done by castration NOT banding. Before any kid leaves the farm we will give them a dose of probiotics, leaving their herd family can be stressful on their little systems..
 Since goats are instinctively herd animals, they do require a "Buddy" in order to be happy and healthy.  We will not sell a kid by itself unless you have other goats at home ( or another appropriate herd mate). Our kids are healthy and sound at the time of purchase, however our buyers have the right for a veterinary check up at their own expense while they are at our farm.
 We are not responsible for the health of any animal purchased from us beyond 24 hours from the time it leaves the farm, under any circumstance. Within that time frame any animal in question has a congenital or another underlying condition prior to transfer, we would need and official Veterinarian statement. We will do our very best to come to an agreement for all involved.
By entering into a purchase you have agreed to the terms of this policy.