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Our does...
Rosasharn PWL wtchcrft Lena   (Double registered)
color: Tri Moon spots DOB 5/10/16
2018 LA V+E+86

Sire: Rosasharn Prince Litening Welk *B

Dam: Rosasharn NP Witchcraft

SS: Rosasharn AX Welk *B
SD: GCH Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 5*M 5*D
DS: Rosasharn Ax Noble Prince + * B                                                   
                                                                                                        Grand Dam:
DD: Rosasharn TL Bewitched 1* M
                                                                                                      GCH Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 5*M*D
***DHIR 2018
 % fat 9.1 and % pro 4.5
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Spring Hill Farm P Holly Fancy Pants (Double Registered)
color: Cou CLair DOB: 7/3/15
2018 LA +VV+83

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Bandit
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Lady GaGa

SS: Proctor Hill Farm Palaestrae
SD: Proctor Hill Farm TO Noelle
DS: FairLea Jean -Luc Picard +B
DD: SG AGS NC Promisedland MG Diva 1*M

***DHIR 2018
​% fat 9.8 and % pro 3.0
Spring Hill Farm Willow FF
ADGA Registered
D.O.B 2/28/18
Chamoisee with white overlay

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Alla Justice
Dam: Spring Hill Farm Water Lilly
Spring Hill Farm Water Lilly -  Registered ADGA
Color: Creme and White
DOB: 5/2/15
2018 LA  V+VV88                              
Lilly is a very feminine doe and very correct.

Dam: Kingdom Kids Farm Lollie
GD: Dragonfly IH Padme
GS: Sunnydale Farm ZM Chevy
Sire: Pheonix Rising I Frankie
GD: Pheonix Rising Up Lady In Red AL
DS: Castle Rock Iceberg *B
**DHIR 2018
% fat 8.2 and % pro 3.6


Rosasharn My Fair Lady "Mena" (Double Registered ADGA and AGS)
Color: Red/White DOB: 1/19/16
​Petite Doe with amazing conformation
Linear Appraisal VVV85 2017
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Dam:  Rosasharn CB Kir Royale 6*M
Sire: Rosasharn NP Magic Spell *B                       **2017 Senior Grand Champion 
                                                                                            And Best of Breed
Dam: Rosashan CB Kir Royale 6*M

SS: Rosasharn AX Noble Prince ++*B
SD:ARMCHRosasharn TL Bewitched 1*M 6*D
DS: Rosasharn SH Celtic Ballard +*B
DD: Rosasharn TL Chardonnay 5*M





***DHIR 2018
% fat 8.2 and % pro 3.5
Spring Hill Farm Legacy's Tabitha
color: Tri color/Blue eyes
DOB: 7/6/16
2018 LA ++V+81

Dam: Spring Hill Farm Micro Mini Milly
Sire: Rosasharn NP B-Coming Legacy *B
*** DHIR 2018
​% fat 8.9 and % pro 5.1
Spring Hill Farm Harlee Quinn FF
ADGA Registered
D.O.B 1/25/18

Sire: Rosasharn EG Winter Jury Duty
Dam: Spring Hill Farm Hollywood
           (Fancy Pants)
Spring Hill Farm Pure Elegance "Ellie"
Color: Cream/White Buckskin
DOB: 5/25/17
2018 LA +AV+82

Dam: Rosasharn My Fair Lady VVV *85 first linear appraisal..
GD: Rosasharn CB Kir Royale 6*M 2017 Senior Grand Champion
GS: Rosasharn NP Magic Spell *B

Sire: Fall Creek Earl Grey                       

GD AGS CH Fall Creek LP Spice
​GS: AGS Fall Creek BD Harrison

Spring Hill Farm Jasmine "Jazzy" FF
ADGA Registered
D.O.B 2/28/18
​Chamiosee with white overlay

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Alla Justice
Dam: Spring Hill Farm Lilly
Spring Hill Farm Leapa Faith
DOB 3/11/19
Creme /White

Dam: Spring Hill Farm Water LIlly
Sire Rosasharn Farm EG Winter Jury Duty*
              ****Photo's used with courtesy of Rosasharn Farm***

                     ****Photo's used with courtesy of Hilltop Farm****