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Breeding Schedule for 2019
All Breedings are subject to change, Breeder has right of refusal
      Spring Hill Farm Tabitha
Wood Bridge Farm Judge Alla me
              Due: Feb, 18th 2019
                     Blue eyes

Rosasharn Farm My Fair Lady "Mena"
Rosasharn Fancy Freedom Ring
               Due: Feb 25th, 2019
            Possible moonspots

Rosasharn Farm PWL WtchCrft "Lena"
Rosasharn CB Winter Jury Duty *B
                  Due: March 4th, 2019
              Possible moonspots

     Spring Hill Farm Water Lilly
Rosasharn CB Fancy Freedom Ring *B
                  Due: March 13, 2019
              Possible moonspots
                 Retaining Doe

Spring Hill Farm Pure Elegance "Ellie"
Rosasharn CB Fancy Freedom Ring
            Due: March 13th, 2019
         Possible Moonspots

To Be Bred Decemeber:

    Spring Hill Farm HarleeQuinn
    Woodbridge Farm Alla Justice

    Spring Hill Farm Jasmine "Jazzy"
Rosasharn CB Fancy Freedom Ring

        Spring Hill Farm Willow
​Rosasharn EG Winter Jury Duty

Special Thank You and courtesy for use of photo's:

Anne Petersen from Rosasharn Farm

Jennifer Weir from Hilltop Farm's Agape's Prize

We expect great Kids for 2019!! As always breedings are subject to change..