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Breeding Schedule for 2019
All Breedings are subject to change, Breeder has right of refusal
                              Bred Oct / Due March

                       Spring Hill Farm water Lilly
                       Rosasharn EG Freedom Ring
               Spring Hill Farm Harlee Quinn   
              Wood Bridge Farm Alla Justice

               Spring Hill Farm Hollywood
              Wood Bridge Farm Judge all me
                         (possible blue eyes)
      Bred November / Due April

Rosasharn PLW My Fair Lady "Mena"
​     Rosasharn EG Freedom Ring

Rosasharn Farm PLW Wtchcrft "Lena"
Rosasharn Farm EG Winter Jury Duty

       Spring Hill Farm P Tabitha
                    (Blue Eyes)
Wood Bridge Farm Judge Alla Me
                   (Blue Eyes)

         Bred December / Due May

        Spring Hill Farm P Jasmine
   Rosasharn Farm CB Freedom Ring

       Spring Hill Farm P Willow
 Rosashran Farm EG Winter Jury Duty

    Spring Hill Farm Pure Elegance
  Rosasharn Farm CB freedom Ring

Special Thank You and courtesy for use of photo's:

Anne Petersen from Rosasharn Farm

Jennifer Weir from Hilltop Farm's Agape's Prize

We expect great Kids for 2019!! As always breedings are subject to change..