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ThankYou !

We would love to give praise to our LORD and Savior. Without His presence in our life and His guidance, we would not be here today. Our journey brought us many days of sweat and tears and our prayers and faith always prevailed. Sometimes the LORD'S answer is "No" or "Not yet", but His timing is always perfect.
                    " Trust in the Lord forever. For the Lord Himself, is the ROCK eternal" 
                                                                                                                       Isaiah 26:4

Lena (Wilde) Paolino

We would love to give a special thank you, to the most honorable and kindest woman Lena Paolino. Mother of 6 children and matriarch of the family, she is the most unselfish person we know.. Lena shines where ever she goes, and always has a beautiful smile on her face. During our journey Lena has been our light and inspiration.We cannot express in words what she means to our family.
"All that I am or ever hoped
  to be, I owe to my angel mother"
                       -Abraham Lincoln
                         "We Love You"
To Rebecca Montella: Thank you for making all of this possible.

Mr. Bill Kennedy and Mrs. Doris Kennedy -  " Wolf Den Freisians" Thank You for allowing us to share in the graceful, majestic, Friesian experience.
It is with great pride we announce the coming soon of the "Wilde Sanctuary". Dedicated to our mother Lena (Wilde) Paolino. The Sanctuary is a place where animals and children come together for healing.

Our Mentors..

DVM Cara Kneser (goat Guru) - Brooklyn Canterbury Large Animal Clinic, CT  www.bclargeanimal.com
DVM Rachael Gately - Tufts Cummings Emergency Medicine, Texas A&M University, University of Rhode
Anne Petersen (Nigerian Dwarf Goat Goddess)-  Home of the award winning Nigerian Dwarf Goats. [email protected]
 Thank you Susan Ausman from Wood Bridge Farm Ohio for breeding such great Bucks for our new Herd Sires..

Thank You Jennifer Weir of Hilltop Farm home of Agape's Prize Nigerian Dwarf Goats In Kentucky, for allowing us to use photo's of her fabulous Herd..

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Veterinary Guide for animal lovers- C.E Spaulding, DVM and Jackie Clay
Hoegger Supply catalog- established in 1935
How To Raise Goats- Carol Amundson agricultural FFA
The Backyard Goat- An Introductory Guide to keeping Productive Pet Goats  by Sue Weaver
A Horse Around The House- by Patricia Jacobson and Marcia Hayes
Jill Winger- The Praire Homestead :www.theprairehomestead.com