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About us...

If you desire a loving family pet..
You have come to the right place! these intelligent, beautiful animals bring a great addition into any family.
Ondrea and David's dedication and passion is to keep at the fore front the Nigerian Dwarf Goat breeding standards, in order to produce a quality miniture milking dairy goat .
Oh and don't forget wonderful beautiful entertaing kids!
God Bless,
Ondrea and David Paolino

Welcome to Spring Hill Farm Foster, RI

    Spring Hill Farm is set on 82 acres in the hills of Foster, RI. The Farm is operated and owned by wife and husband team Ondrea and David Paolino. Spring Hill was given it's name by the previous owners 60 years ago, the properties water supply is fed from a natural spring which is registered by the Historical Society and Brown University. We are a small Farm with a big Love for animals. We decided in 2014 we wanted to raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Show's, milk production, soaps and lotions and of course family pets.
        Ondrea Is owner and mother to her herd, she tends to the farm on a daily basis. Ondrea refers herself as a Domestic Engineer and not a stay at home mom. David is co-owner and he keeps up all the maintenance on the property.  Ondrea at the age of 12 volunteered at at a local animal shelter in Warwick, and at a very young age became a dog and cat groomer.  Ondrea also became a Vet Tech and worked at a few well known animal hospitals in Rhode Island and eventually she went on to attend college for Nursing. Ondrea, came back to her passion for animals and now breeds Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  David's Grandfather, Alfred Wilde was a Veternarian in World War I taking care of the horses that went into battle. David's father Joe Paolino was the Superintendant for Providence Rescue for 30 years. In the near future the Paolino's would like to share their blessings with children who do not get to experience farm life, and also children in need. On the Paolino's Journey they met so many hard working farmers and animal lovers. These Farmers were willing to take the time and share in all their experiences and passions. Ondrea and David are greatful to make these friends along the way, this Keeps them closer to their community. Ondrea and David have many years expeirences with the animal kingdom and they are proud members of ADGA Plus, AGS, NDGA. 
 The Paolino's Journey has led them throughout New England and New York to obtain the best possible bloodlines. Through research, and the original NDG lineage (Stonewall and Goodwood) they chose to do their business with Anne Petersen of Rosasharn Farm. Anne has not only been a  mentor to Ondrea but a friend since the begining. 
Ondrea counts it a privelage to obtain knowledge from one of the top breeders in the country. Spring Hill Farm's herd is chosen with the desire to provide their customers with the highest quality goat milk products. Rich in butterfat and high in protien content. In addition, with quality goat milk production in mind, we are also focused on breed quality and temperment for the show ring and for the local 4H clubs.

 ****AS OF 2017 Spring Hill Farm will be a part of ADGA'S Linear appraisal and DHIR Testing Program**